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UniSA house style

Print and online materials are a key channel of communication with UniSA’s wide audience, and are used to encourage business and strengthen our public image.

A house style outlines preferred language and style guidelines, and can help to project a professional and unified corporate image of the University. In an environment where many authors contribute to a range of marketing materials, adhering to a house style is vital.

English is complex and this guide can only give broad principles. The references at the end of this guide are very useful.

UniSA house style guide

The Quick reference style sheet (PDF, 300kb - download Adobe Acrobat) lists some preferred spellings and conventions - a short version of copy standards useful for your desktop.

Language is dynamic, so some recommendations are open to debate and change. The house style is not meant to provide an exhaustive and rigid set of rules. Instead, it is intended as a useful reference that will facilitate writing and editing; promote consistency; and strengthen the credibility and impact of our marketing communications.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions for this guide. If you would like to make a comment or if you require further editorial advice, please contact the CMK Publications team.