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UniSA teaching awards

Competitive Awards

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
UniSA Citations recognise the many and diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the creation of effective learning environments and to the quality of student learning. Citations are awarded annually to academic and professional staff who have made a significant contribution to student learning in a specific area of responsibility, over a sustained period of time. Each Citation recipient (individual or team) receives $5,000.

UniSA Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Digital Learning
To recognise and reward outstanding contributions to digital learning, a new Citation will be available from 2015 that specifically focuses on UniSA's Digital Learning Strategy 2015-2020. While the application format for this Citation conforms with the general Citation requirements, the claim must strongly evidence one or more strategic priorities of the Digital Learning Strategy (PDF 845kb). Each Citation recipient (individual or team) receives $5,000.   

UniSA Awards for Teaching Excellence
Recognising educators (individual and teams) renowned for the excellence of their teaching, who have outstanding presentation skills and who have made a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at UniSA. Awards for Teaching Excellence are available on an annual basis and each recipient (individual or team) receives $5,000.

UniSA Indigenous Education Teaching Awards
Recognising academic staff who have made a significant contribution towards the development of teaching methods and materials that give UniSA students knowledge of the Indigenous cultures and Indigenous knowledges that they require for culturally competent professional practice. These are annual awards. Each recipient (individual or team) receives $5,000. 

Deadline for submission of all award materials

Applications for UniSA Citations, Teaching Excellence, and Indigenous Education Teaching Awards, as per the guidelines outlined on the respective award information pages, must be lodged by 5:00pm Friday 15 September 2017.

All submissions to be emailed as attachments to: teaching.awards.grants@unisa.edu.au


Strategies for Success: Writing for UniSA Teaching Awards (PDF 621kb - download Adobe Acrobat) UniSA staff access only.


For further information and referral to an Academic Developer for assistance, contact Dr Gavin Sanderson, Senior Lecturer, Teaching Innovation Unit.

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