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Start innovating

Innovation can be big (across a whole course) or small (just one lesson).  Innovation can be about curriculum, technology or teaching practice.  Innovation might be needed now, or it might be part of a longer-term research project.

It doesn't matter what sort of innovation you want to explore, the TIU can help with resources, guidance, contacts and, sometimes, funding.  All the Innovation Showcases started with a single conversation.  Let us know if you would like to start a conversation about innovation; you never know where it might take you.

The simplest way to get started is to contact the Academic Developer for your Division, or email us with an outline of what you want to do.  We'll be right back in touch to start the conversation.

Teaching models

When we say "teaching models" under the Innovation banner, we're referring to Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom.  These teaching models have evolved because of enabling technologies, and we're sure more models will come along as technology continues to innovate.  To explore these models further select from the list below.

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Multi-media best practice

The Video for Digital Learning site is a great place to look for best practices, exemplars, technical details regarding production, training and more.

If you are considering making a video for your course, this site is an excellent place to start.  Even if you already have made some videos, there is always something more to learn.

Innovation showcases

A number of courses have been nominated as showcases and we will continue to add to this prestigious list.  The current showcases can be viewed from the following sites:

New technologies

The TIU, and many academics, are exploring new technologies to deliver enriched student learning outcomes. We will be showcasing these new technologies in the Learning Cafés and invite you to come along and see them for yourself.  We also find a lot of rigorous discussion is stimulated at these sessions about how to use the technology.

Technologies which have already been integrated into teaching include:

  • Drones - by Tom Raimondo;
  • Storyline: Hayley Timms built Horizon - a simulation city for Health Sciences ;
  • Location-based mobile learning: Roger Edmonds is developing a mobile learning framework;
  • Virtual Classroom: Tracey Johnson used Adobe Connect to support the Property Research team to teach internal and external students simultaneously;

We would love to hear about other innovations using new technologies, either here at UniSA or across the globe.  Be sure to let us know if you find something interesting.

Global innovations

We continue to find interesting innovations to share with you here. We will update this space regularly, so be sure to check back on the latest finds.  Here is one we found recently about merging the learning exper

Penn State uses robots to integrate online students into classrooms

A Penn State World Campus student talks with faculty advisers via an iPad connected to “Sheldon,” a robot created by Double Robotics. Read more...