About us

Exploring innovation, finding inspiration, sharing ideas

The Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) supports academics to drive innovation in their teaching practices and curriculum, and enhance the use of digital technologies to facilitate learning.

In this, we are guided by UniSA's Teaching and Learning Framework and Teaching Practice guidelines.

Our key areas of focus include:

As a unit, we work closely with the Deans: Teaching and Learning across each Division.

Our external focus is about global research on new innovations for teaching and learning; but, innovation doesn't just happen. New ideas must be tested for efficacy, scalability and ease of integration by our consultants and analysts who are constantly reviewing and updating the practices and technologies we work with.

We also collaborate with academics who are forging innovation in their own teaching and welcome the opportunity to share their insights with you.

As you explore the TIU website you will discover the many areas of innovation and support we provide.

Why not get in touch, we're sure to find a solution and we'd love to hear from you.

TIU Teams

Campus Name Role
City West Professor Shane Dawson Director: Teaching Innovation Unit
City West Ange McClelland Unit Executive Officer
City West Melissa Krashias Administration Officer

Academic Development

Campus Name Role
City West Associate Director Craig Williams Curriculum Development & Support
City West Dr. Stuart Dinmore Curriculum Development
City West Dr. Gavin Sanderson Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
City West Dr. Tim Rogers Learning & Teaching Strategy
City West Cassandra Colvin Manager: Learning Analytics
City West Lisa Schultz Research Assistant
City West Sasha Poquet Project Officer

City West Dale Wache Academic Developer: Division BUE
City East Dr. David Birbeck Academic Developer: Division HSC
Magill Dr. Ruth Fazakerley Academic Developer: Division EASS
Mawson Lakes Dr. Diana Quinn Academic Developer: Division ITEE

Language & Literacy

Campus Name Role
City West Dr. Rowena Harper Head: Language & Literacy
City West Dr. Helen Benzie Language & Literacy Coordinator
City East   Language & Literacy Coordinator
Magill Dr Shashi Nallaya Language & Literacy Coordinator
Mawson Lakes Dr. Kerry Smith Language & Literacy Coordinator

Research Education

Campus Name Role
City West Professor Alistair McCulloch Head: Education Research
City West Dr. Cassandra Loeser Lecturer in Research Education
City West Dr. Wendy Bastalich Lecturer in Research Education
City West Dr. Monica Behrend Lecturer in Research Education
City West Dr. Judy Ford Lecturer in Research Education

Technology Enhanced Learning

Campus Name Role
City West Wayne Pedder Manager: Technology Enhanced Learning
City West Patrick Raets Consultant: Technology Enhanced Learning
City West Rob Wood Senior Business Analyst
City West Adam Poetsch Data Analyst
City West An Zhao Educational Innovation Officer
City West Shane McCarthy Technical Officer (Video)
City West Neil Low Technical Officer (Video)

Educational Design

Campus Name Role
City West Kerry Johnson Online Educational Designer: TIU
City West Tracey Johnson Online Educational Designer: TIU/EASS
City West Simon Smith Online Educational Designer: TIU/BUE
City West Tristram Lawson Online Educational Designer: BUE
City West Roger Edmonds Online Educational Designer: BUE
City East Hayley Timms Online Educational Designer: HSC
City East Anne Lonie Online Educational Designer: HSC
Mawson Lakes Pramilla Rathore Online Educational Designer: ITEE
Mawson Lakes Robert Moller Online Educational Designer: ITEE

Deans: Teaching and Learning

The University's Deans: Teaching and Learning provide institution-wide and Division-focused leadership, promoting and supporting the distinctive teaching and learning priorities and the student experience agenda of the University.

Their focus is on strengthening the quality of the teaching and student experience, benchmarking performance and identifying curriculum development opportunities at both the disciplinary and interdisciplinary levels.