Digital Learning Strategy

Exploring innovation, finding inspiration, sharing ideas

The Digital Learning Strategy is an enterprise-wide implementation of online and blended learning at UniSA, embedded within a revised framework for learning and teaching in the digital age. The strategy outlines the overarching themes and targets that collectively address the teaching and learning actions stated within Crossing the Horizon (CTH).

The “Digital Learning Strategy” outlines the necessary pedagogical practices and processes that will scaffold an exceptional learning environment.

Importantly, strategy emphasises the need to develop a culture of collaboration, collective engagement and innovation to support broad-scale pedagogical transformation. The Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) aims to support staff in this transformation to promote a model of teaching that is student facing, engaging, enriched, and draws on contemporary learning theory and practice.



You can read more about the Digital Learning Strategy (link opens in new window) on UniSA's corporate web pages.  Here you will find information about:

  • Drivers for digital learning
  • Digital learning at UniSA
  • Development of the strategy
  • Vision, objectives and strategic priorities
  • Key projects
  • UniSA online learning showcase