Divisional support

The Teaching Innovation unit provides support to both academic and professional staff in each division.

Our local Academic Developers are highly experienced and passionate educators who are available to talk with you about your teaching. Academic Developers currently support a range of divisional projects, identified by the strategic teaching and learning priorities of the Divisions, through the Deans Academic.

Support is available for academic development activities, such as teaching and learning design, course development, assessment development, evaluation of teaching practice, and anything to do with self-reflective teaching practice.

Specific support is also available for all matters concerning language and literacy. This may range from designing assessments appropriately for students with diverse language backgrounds, through to strategically examining what kinds of literacies students are developing in your program or course. Our Language and Literacies team can help you to understand what assessment means from a student point of view.


Academic Development and Online Educational Design

The Business School

Academic Developer: Dale Wache

Online Educational Designers (OEDs): Tristram Lawson, Roger Edmonds, Sandy Skinner


Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Academic Developer: Dr Ruth Fazakerley

Online Educational Designers (OEDs): Kerry Johnson, Mark Dowd


Division of Health Sciences

Academic Developer: Dr David Birbeck

Online Educational Designers (OEDs): Hayley Timms, Anne Lonie

Check out Division of Health Sciences teaching and learning resources here.


Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment

Academic Developer: Dr Diana Quinn

Online Educational Designers (OEDs): Pramila Rathore, Corey Durward


Language and Literacy Support

Head, Language and Literacy: Dr Rowena Harper

Language and Literacy Coordinators: Dr Shashi Nallaya, Dr Helen Benzie, Dr Kerry Smith