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Committees of Council

The Council has delegated authority to a number of committees, in addition to Academic Board, to provide advice and to assist in good governance of the institution. Among the Standing Committees of Council are :




Good Practice Guidelines for Council Committee

Council is responsible for the effective discharge of its legislated and common law duties as the governing body of the University of south Australia.  In meeting its responsibilities, it is necessary for to carry out many of its functions through Committees.  Council must ensure that the Committees operate effectively in pursuit of well communicated and understood goals, strengthening the effective operation of the Council itself.  The best practice guidelines have been established by Council to assist in the process of establishing and monitoring an effective Committee operation.

The UniSA Foundation Committee

The Foundation Committee is a sub-committee of the Council of the University of South Australia and is responsible for oversight of University philanthropy policies and management and administration of funds received.

 The University of South Australia values the philanthropic support and relationships of many individuals and organisations who contribute to the education outcomes and life and culture of the institution.  The University is committed to ensuring that these community contributions are appropriately recognised and managed

Academic Board

The Academic Board meet 8 times per year and has three board functions:

  1. acting as a forum for the debate of University-wide academic issues
  2. responsibility for the review and evaluation of quality assurance processes, and the administration of academic and research matter
  3. providing formal input into corporate planning process, through the review of priorities and parameters for annual corporate plan.

Role of Academic Board - Video Link

Academic Board Charter and Membership

Good Practice Guidelines for Sub-Committee of Academic Board

Academic Board meeting schedule, agendas and minutes

(Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC) schedule (pdf) a sub-committee of Academic Board)


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has responsibility for the provision, to Council, of expert advice on both the University's financial performance in the current year and also the financial implications of any future plans.

Finance Committee meeting schedule.

Immediate Business Committee

The Immediate Business Committee of Council has delegated responsibility to carry out the powers and functions of Council when there is a delay in matters to be considered by Council or when it is not sitting. Decisions taken by the Immediate Business Council are reported to the next meeting of Council.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The primary function of Audit and Risk Management Committee is to assist the Council in exercising due car, diligence and skill in discharging its oversight and monitoring responsibilities.  Its membership primarily consists of nominated external Council members.  Its defined responsibilities include liaison with the external auditors and overview of the risk management and internal audit processes.

Senior Remuneration Committee

Council�s Staff Remuneration Committee has delegated powers and functions to determine remuneration packages for Chief Executive Officers and Senior Management of the University.

Senior Academic Promotions Committee

Council�s Senior Academic Promotions Committee assesses the merit of applicants applying for Academic Promotion to Associate Professor/Associate Research Professor and Professor/Research Professor and makes recommendations to Council who will approve the appointments.

Governance and Legislation Committee

The Governance and Legislation Committee provides advice to Council on its governance structures and processes.