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Academic Board

Board Functions


Committees of Academic Board

Board Functions


The Academic Board has three board functions:

  1. acting as a forum for the debate of University-wide academic issues
  2. responsibility for the review and evaluation of quality assurance processes, and the administration of academic and research matters
  3. providing formal input into corporate planning process, through the review of priorities and parameters for annual corporate plan.



Designated Members:

Prof Rick Sarre Chairperson
Assoc Prof Stephen Boyle Deputy Chairperson
Prof David Lloyd Vice Chancellor
Prof Allan Evans Provost & Chief Academic Officer
Prof Richard Head Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Prof Esther May Acting Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Sciences)
Prof Robert Short Pro Vice Chancellor (IT, Engineering & the Environment)
Prof Marie Wilson  Pro Vice Chancellor (Business and Law)
Prof Pal Ahluwalia Pro Vice Chancellor (Education, Arts and Social Sciences)
Mr Nigel Relph Deputy Vice Chancellor (International & Advancement)
Mr Allan Tabor Director: Student and Academic Services
Prof Margaret Hicks Director: Learning and Teaching Unit
Prof Guy Robinson Director: Centre for Regional Engagement
Prof Phil Weinstein Dean of Graduate Studies
Ms Helen Livingston  Director: Library Services
Mr Stephen Dowdy Head: UniSA College
Mr Peter Cardwell  Executive Officer


Divisional Academic Representatives:

Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
Dr Janet Bryan
Ms veronika Kelly
Dr Michele Simons

UniSA Business School
Prof Larry Lockshin
Dr Joanna Crossman
Mr John Medlin

Division of Health Sciences
Dr Sheridan Gentili
Dr Jane Warland
Dr Sarah List

Division of IT, Engineering and the Environment
Assoc Prof Kazem Abhary
Assoc Prof Mahfuz Aziz
Dr Elena Sitnikova

Student Representatives:
Mr Arun Thomas
Mr Callum Macleod
Mr Kosta Latsis
Mr Kim Chau
Mr Barrie Shannon

Representative of the Professoriate:
Prof Trish Vilkinas

Heads of School Representative:
Prof Mads Gaardboe

General Staff Representative from the University at large:
Ms Vera Holt

Academic Staff Representative from the Academic Portfolio:
Dr Bianca Price

Whyalla/Centre for Regional Engagement Academic Staff Representative:
Assoc Prof Judy Nagy

Directors of Research Institutes and Centres Representative:
Assoc Prof Angela Scarino

Divisional Directors/Senior Academic Service Manager Representative:
Ms Bronwen Webb



Committees of Academic Board

 Committees of Academic Board structure  (tabular diagram) (PDF 84KB)


Good Practice Guidelines for Sub-Committee of Academic Board (PDF 40KB)