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Honorary Awards

The University of South Australia recognises distinction of service by offering a range of honorary awards.

 There are four categories of Honorary Awards

  1. Doctor of the University (DUniv)
  2. Emeritus Laureate Professor
  3. University Fellow (FUniSA)
  4. Emeritus Professor

Please refer to the Honorary Awards Policy for the criteria of each award


Nominations must be submitted using the appropriate nomination forms and must include a curriculum vitae.  Refer to the Honorary Awards Policy for eligibility criteria.

  • Doctor of the University nomination award form (doc. 32.9KB)
  • Emeritus Laureate Professor Nomination award form (doc. 35KB)
  • University Fellow nomination award form (doc. 35.9KB)
  • Emeritus Professor Nomination award form (doc.30.3KB)
  • Nominations should be treated as strictly confidential.

    Forms should be lodged via email to Dr Penny Moore, Director: Council Services and Chancellery penny.moore@unisa.edu.au

    Nominations will be considered by the Honorary Awards Committee and recommendations submitted to Council for consideration.

    Nominees will receive notification of their award upon Council's acceptance.


    Honorary Award Register


    University Honorary Award registers can be accessed via the following links.