Special sessions

These are some specially organised session times that you might like to join. But the jam conversation is continuous from 10am on 29th May. You can join any of the threads at any time.

Note: All time below refer to Australian Central Stand Time (UTC/GMT +9:30 hours)

Crossing the Horizon. UniSA: imagining the future

29 May

The future of universities: UniSA beyond 2020

Time 10am to 11.30am
Host Professor David Lloyd
Guests Professor John Hennessy, Major General Charles Bolden, Premier Jay Weatherill, Julie Hare

What one thing would you change about UniSA?

Time 11:30am until the end of the jam
Host Professor David Lloyd
Guest(s) TBA

The size and shape of UniSA: are we too big?

Time 12 noon to 6pm
Hosts Paul Beard, Professor Julie Mills
Guests Bruce Linn, Professor Helen McCutcheon, Peter Coaldrake AO

30 May

Educating tomorrow's teachers and the future of Magill

Time 10am to 3pm
Hosts Professor Pal Ahluwalia, Associate Professor Rosie Le Cornu, Associate Professor Margaret Peters
Guests Senator Nick Xenophon, Christopher Pyne MP, Anita Zocchi

The student experience. UniSA: the vibrant campus

29 May

A vibrant campus life: how do we enrich the student experience?

Time 12 noon to 3pm
Host Professor Roger Eston
Guests Stephen Yarwood, Helene Egan

Clubs and societies: what’s missing?

Time 3pm to 6pm
Host Professor Tim Olds
Guest Jim Hazel, Patrick Jonker

Where next for our wireless campuses?

Time 6pm to 8pm
Host Paul Sherlock
Guest(s) TBA

30 May

Unilife and the role of student association: connecting students

Time 10am to 12 noon
Host Professor Larry Lockshin
Guest Arun Thomas

Exploring student accommodation: do we need student housing?

Time 12 noon to 3pm
Host Nigel Relph
Guest(s) TBA

Remember student newspapers: new forms of student communications

Time 3pm to 5pm
Host Professor Clayton MacKenzie
Guest(s) TBA

Arts on campus: how do we foster the arts?

Time 6pm to 10pm
Hosts Gillian Brown, Susan Jenkins, Dr Jane Andrew
Guest(s) Karen Bryant, Chris Drummond

The learning environment. UniSA: Online Offline Flexible

29 May

30 May

Educating exceptional graduates. UniSA: modern professionals

29 May

What do employers look for in a UniSA graduate?

Time 11am to 2pm
Host Professor Allan Evans
Guests Terry Evans, Dr Robert Porteous, Raymond Garrand, Con Tragakis, Holly Ransom, Simon Porter

Training health workers for the future

Time 2pm to 8pm
Hosts Professor Jason White, Professor Jon Buckley, Professor Mark Daniel
Guest Lorri Bruun

30 May

What do employers look for in a UniSA graduate?

Time 8.30am to 3pm
Hosts Professor David Lloyd , Associate Professor Peter MacFarlane, Andrew Friebe, Professor Peter Majewski, Arun Thomas
Guest David Knox, Pauline Carr, Leanne Brown

Teaching creativity

Time 3pm to 10pm
Hosts Ron Corso, Dr Steve Rodda, Associate Professor Thomas Mical
Guest Jane Jeffreys, Jane Kittel, Darren Ball

Industry informed research and innovation. UniSA: research that is relevant

29 May

PhDs and industry: how do we bring the two together?

Time 4pm to 8pm
Hosts Professor Magnus Nyden, Jeff Kasparian
Guest Dr Alex Zelinsky

30 May

UniSA in the community. UniSA: our place in society

29 May

The porous institution: how do we engage with the community?

Time 11.30am to 2.30pm
Hosts Professor David Lloyd , Professor Peter Buckskin
Guest Emeritus Professor Ian Davey, Dr Susannah Eliott, Dr Lynn Arnold AO, Emeritus Professor Mike Rowan


Time 2.30pm to 8pm
Hosts Professor Stanley Nangala, Mark Waters
Guest Jack Manning Bancroft, Dr Alice Clark

Social entrepreneurship: making opportunities for citizenship?

Time 8pm to 10pm
Host Professor Fiona Arney
Guest Dan Ryan

30 May

The public intellectual: UniSA and public policy

Time 9am to 1pm
Hosts Professor Barbara PocockProfessor Chris Daniels
Guest Dr Paul Willis

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and the professions: how do we build participation?

Time 3:30pm to 5pm
Host Professor Roger Burritt
Guests Members of the professions and government

Building UniSA’s global connections. UniSA: global engagement

29 May

The Asian Century: what does it mean for UniSA?

Time 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 8pm
Hosts Nigel Relph, Professor Ying Zhu, Associate Professor Betty Leask
Guest Steve Bingham, Dennis Muirhead, Paul Tighe, Don Frater

Universities and philanthropy: how do we inspire support?

Time 3pm to 6pm
Host Professor David Lloyd
Guests Hon Bob Hawke AC, Dr Beate Schuler, Alison Beare

Alumni and UniSA:  how do we remain connected?

Time 8pm to late
Host Nigel Relph
Guest(s) TBA

30 May

UniSA and the world

Time 9am to 6pm
Hosts Nigel Relph, Associate Professor Adrian Vicary
Guests Frances Adamson, Paula Nagel, Corinne Namblard

Alumni and UniSA: how do we remain connected?

Time 8pm to late
Host Professor Gerry Griffin
Guest Dr Mike Teng