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Colgan's Cryptic Crossword

image of the crossword puzzle


1. Confused while cruising (2,3)
4. Dirty fellow spotted by machine in marble factory (7)
8. Disease from Paradise Coast, perhaps (7,6)
9. Scruffy Frenchman in derelict surroundings (7)
10. One moves two places forward in step with musical instrument (5)
11. Booth #8? Or next but one? (5)
13. One used to catch and restrain and miss nothing (5)
14. Synthetic hormone secretion in bodily fluid (5)
15. Created havoc as rage enveloped city (3,4)
17. Operation for increasing oil production (5,8)
18. Has rag-and-bone man rung the tip? (7)
19. Heath has top of leaves cut by a garden implement (5)


1. Raised weapons because old king is fooling around (7,6)
2. Hapless end to Mr Ed Hunter‘s plan of deception (8,5)
3. A ten-plus-ten metre rule (5)
4. Impressive charm exhibited in offertory procession (5,8)
5. Refined almost stretchable implement (7)
6. Planes coming down with no problems (6,7)
7. What does a gardener do in summer? One removes unwanted elements! (5,8)
12. Produce two covers, not one (7)
16. For your health, drink up! So simple! (5)


crossword grid showing solutions


(C = cryptic part of clue + S = straight part of clue;
or S + S = clue holding answer twice with two different straight meanings;
or POW = play on words.) Note that joining words may or may not be an integral part of the clue. Punctuation and capital letters are irrelevant.
The art of the setter is to make it non-obvious how and where to split the clue, and to mislead the solver along an irrelevant path.


1. S: confused = at sea S: while cruising = at sea
4. C: dirty fellow (grub) spotted (saw) S: machine in marble factory = grubsaw
8. C: disease (seaside “resort” (anagram)) S: from Paradise Coast, perhaps = seaside resort
9. C: Frenchman (M) in derelict surroundings (inside “unkept”) S: scruffy = unkempt
10. C: one (I) moves two places forward in step (advances 2 positions in “stair”) S: musical instrument = sitar
11. C: Booth #8 (Tent “H”) S: next but one = tenth
13. C: miss (lass) nothing (0) S: one used to catch and restrain = lasso
14. C: synthetic hormone secretion (inside “synthetic hormone”) S: bodily fluid = ichor
15. C: rage (rant) enveloped city (around “Rio”) S: created havoc = ran riot
17. C: increasing oil production (anagram of “increasing oil”) S: operation = large incision
18. C: rung (step) tip (toe) S: rag-and-bone man = Steptoe
21. C: Heath (Ledger) has top of leaves cut (remove”L”) S: garden implement = edger


1. C: because (as) old king (Saul) is fooling around (trifles) S: raised weapons = assault rifles
2. C: hapless end (s) Mr Ed (talking horse) S: hunter’s plan of deception = stalking horse
3. C: a (a) ten (X) ( ten (IO) metre (m) S: rule = axiom
4. C: impressive (great) charm (entrance) S: offertory procession = great entrance
5. C: refined (U) almost stretchable (almost “tensile”) S: implement = utensil
6. C: planes (smooths) coming down (ailing) S: with no problems = smooth sailing
7. C: What does a gardener do in summer? (waters oftener) S: one removes unwanted elements = water softener
12. C: two covers (hair, vest) not one (remove “I”) S: produce = harvest
16. C: For your health, drink (Evian) up (upwards) S: so simple = naive