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April 2005

A newspaper of the University of South Australia


NEW HORIZONS: Head of the South Australian School of Art, Professor Kay Lawrence and Head of the Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, Professor Mads Gaardboe on the balcony of the new Kaurna Building, overlooking the West Endís Hindley Street.

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Picture of fish and fish oil capsules
Nutrient for metabolic fitness

Engaging regional education

PALs for life in education

Emotional encounters of the PhD kind

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On the home stretch

Library partnership for Nothern Adelaide Schools

Mobilising a communications network

Building VET workforce capability

Bundy closes UniSA book

Ethics - a passion in theory and practice

Waves of humanity

Julie Duncan - Journalism educator

Our People - Anna Ciccarelli

A quick look at recycling

Haircut for a good cause