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Colgan's Cryptic Crossword


1. Avoids having fruit starting Chinese fare (8,5)
8. RR is a bridge player, perhaps (7)
9. Gas! Not one indication something is wrong was taken up (5)
10. Happy relations from California escaping from disaster (5)
11. Was emperor alerted secretly by way of mouth? (7)
12. Capital Square deal (6)
14. It's an illusion; but ends with direct intervention (6)
16. Break Fred's heart with malice (7)
17. American prison above the law? (5)
18. Not able to manage it in record time (5)
19. Covers up in article of lasting quality… (7)
20. … or invested as Homer portrayed Hera (6-7)


1. Online education gets average wage (5,8)
2. Torpedo? It spirals! (8,5)
3. Unanimous agreement to calm down! (5)
4. Break in, and split it up with a murmur of contentment (6)
5. Deal ends, supporting Left over Right (7)
6. Wrong painting is reviewed in 17A (13)
7. Short suit and vest worn by funny fellow (9,4)
13. Novelette under discussion has a missing order from Scotland (7)
15. Black cast for "High Society" (6)
17. Key locks professor's office (5)


Explanations (C = cryptic part of clue + S = straight part of clue;
or S + S = clue holding answer twice with two different straight meanings;
or POW = play on words.)
Note that joining words may or may not be an integral part of the clue.
Punctuation and capital letters are irrelevant.
The art of the setter is to make it non-obvious how and where to split the clue,
and to mislead the solver along an irrelevant path.


1. C: avoids (ducks) fruit starting (mandarin, beforehand)
S: Chinese fare = mandarin ducks
8. C: RR (double ‘R’)
S: bridge player = doubler
9. C: not one (none) indication something is wrong (X) is taken up (is reversed)
S: gas = xenon
10. C: California (Cal) escaping from disaster (taken out of “calamity”)
S: happy relations = amity
11. C: emperor alerted secretly (hidden inside “emperor alerted”)
S: by way of mouth = peroral
12. S: capital = equity
S: square deal = equity
14. C: but ends (b,t) with direct intervention (“live”, in between)
S: an illusion = blivet
16. C: Fred’s heart (re) malice (spite)
S: break = respite
17. C: American prison (can) above (on)
S: law = canon
18. C: in (in) record (EP) time (t)
S: not able to mange it = inept
19. C: covers up (‘mats’ reversed) in (in) article (a)
S: lasting quality = stamina
20. C: or (gold, in heraldry) invested (enthroned)
S: as Homer portrayed Hera = golden-throned


1. C: average (medial) wage (earning)
S: online education = media learning
2. C: torpedo (Nautilus (submarine) shell)
S: It spirals = nautilus shell
3. C: unanimous agreement (All ay!)
S: calm down = allay
4. C: split it up with a murmur of contentment (put “purr” upwards inside “it”)
S: break in = irrupt
5. C: deal ends (d,l) supporting left over (holding “extra”)
S: right = dextral
6. C: painting (art) is reviewed in 17A (reversed inside canon (convention))
S: wrong = contravention
7. C: vest (singlet) worn by funny fellow (on card)
S: short suit = singleton card
13. C: novelette under discussion (this tale) has a missing (missing ‘a’)
S: order from Scotland = Thistle
15. C: black (jet) cast (set)
S: high society = jetset
17. C: key (C) locks (hair)
S: professor’s office = chair