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Colgan's Cryptic Crossword


1. Have lightly cooked morsel as a snack (7)
5. Yank is one in debt (5)
8. Gymnasts seek admittance of a form of make-up (13)
9. Made from tin cans (7)
10. This dance is strange, to a degree (5)
11. Realises money is being devalued (3,5,5)
13. Ground one lacking potential (5)
15. Failing to behave economically (7)
17. They are charged for breaching strike, popular with the masses (9,4)
18. Natives’ currency (5)
19. He returns your ID (7)


1. Recognises without opening files (5)
2. Substitute for fabrics (7)
3. Scales these awkwardly, by all accounts (7,6)
4. Drawn-out sentence’s quite fascinating (4-9)
5. Some heavy rock, for example. Reject C&W to get Stones number (13)
6. Cradle is in a vacant room (5)
7. Lockers conceal elaborate security measures (7)
11. Mezzo briefly digressed into high-pitched quaver (7)
12. Stroking with hand high on narrow strip of water (7)
14. Device which goes up and down (5)
16. A star shining over South Australian girl (5)

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Explanations (C = cryptic part of clue + S = straight part of clue;
or S + S = clue holding answer twice with two different straight meanings;
or POW = play on words.)
Note that joining words may or may not be an integral part of the clue.
Punctuation and capital letters are irrelevant.
The art of the setter is to make it non-obvious how and where to split the clue,
and to mislead the solver along an irrelevant path.


1. C: lightly cooked (rare) morsel (bit)
S: snack = rarebit
5. C: one (I) in debt (inside “hock”)
S: yank = hoick
8 C: gymnasts (supple men) seek (try) admittance of a (“a” inside)
S: form of make-up = supplementary
9. C: made from tin cans (anagram of “tin cans”)
S: made from tin = stannic
10. C: strange (rum) a degree (BA)
S: dance = rumba
11. C: money is being devalued (the penny drops)
S: realises = the penny drops
13. S: ground = earth
S: one lacking potential = earth
15. C: behave economically (use less)
S: failing = useless
17. C: strike (batter) popular (in) masses (grams)
S: they are charged for breaching = battering rams
18. S: natives = euros
S: currency = euros
19. C: returns your ID (reverses “name tag”)
S: he = gateman (one who returns your ID)


1. C: recognises without opening (“grasps”, without “g” )
S: files = rasps
2. C: fabrics (rep, lace)
S: substitute = replace
3. C: scales (balances) these awkwardly (anagram of “these”)
S: all accounts = balance sheets
4. C: sentence (time) quite fascinating (consuming)
S: drawn-out = time-consuming
5. C: reject C&W (remove “hundred” and “w” from “hundredweight”) to get Stones number
(8 stones = 1 hundredweight)
S: some heavy rock, for example = hundredweight
6. C: in a (in a) vacant room (room with nothing inside = rm)
S: cradle = inarm
7. C: lockers (keys) conceal elaborate (around “pad”)
S: security measures = keypads
11. C: Mezzo briefly (M) digressed into high-pitched (inside ‘treble”)
S: quaver = tremble
12. C: on (over) narrow strip of water (arm)
S: stroking with hand high = overarm
14. POW: device which goes up and down (= rotor, in both directions)
16. C: a star shining (sun) over South Australian (around SA)
S: girl = Susan