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Flying double

by Rebecca Gill

HIGH FLYERS: UniSA’s Jono Vadasz, Steve Thatcher and Talia Sheppard, next to the new twin-propellor plane at Parafield Airport UniSA’s Aviation Academy has a new star recruit: a high-performance six-seat twin-propeller aircraft, the latest addition to the five plane training fleet.

Second year degree students Talia Sheppard and Jono Vadasz are excited about getting their flying times up in the new "twin-prop", and UniSA aviation program director Steve Thatcher said their new addition will benefit the students’ learning greatly.

"Students can now do multi-engine endorsement and command instrument rating (CIR) training, and will have the opportunity to practise their instrument flying – flying through cloud – which is traditionally one of the most challenging tasks," said Thatcher.

"The twin-prop is very similar to what students will use when they become fully-qualified pilots. It’s a real twin-engine charter aeroplane used by commercial operators, so it’s much larger than normal aircraft used for twin-engine training in Australia.

"Not only will it build up the students’ command experience as pilots, it will give them a good edge for their first job," he said.

The new twin-prop will take to the South Australian skies this month, flying to destinations such as Broken Hill, Ceduna, Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island.