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First Miller Medal winner

Dr. David HaleyFormer UniSA PhD researcher Dr David Haley, now employed by wireless network systems company Cohda Wireless, has been named the inaugural winner of the University of South Australia’s Michael Miller Medal.

Founded by UniSA in 2005, the award recognises the best PhD research graduate from the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) each year. Research creativity, originality, significance and utility are key criteria for the awards.

The medal’s namesake is Emeritus Professor Michael Miller who was the founding Director of the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR), now one of UniSA’s largest research institutes focused on research in satellite and terrestrial wireless communications.

Dr Haley’s PhD research examined ways of efficiently coding information sent over wireless networks.

Coding is used to ensure that errors introduced by the complex transmission environment in a modern communications system can be detected and overcome.

ITR Director Professor Andrew Parfitt said that Dr Haley’s work showed mastery of a whole new coding area.

"While there were a number of excellent candidates, Dr Haley’s work stood out because of its breadth of concept and its potential impact on the discipline," Prof Parfitt said.