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Colgan's Cryptic Crossword


1. Gallivants around to pick up devices (7)
5. Bank support for extra charge, it is reported (5)
8. League has 3 minutes for the captain (8,5)
9. Coordinated, evidently, as an annual event (10,3)
10. The powerful adhere to Roosevelt’s policy (3,3,5)
14. Rail travels are through, takes flight out (4,6,3)
16. One providing in-flight meals? Unlikely (6,7)
17. Guarantee misses right result (5)
18. Writer, born of Indian heritage (7)


1. A conventional city? (6)
2. Unfairly, they’re tossed outside for consecutive games (6,7)
3. Drink turns green (5)
4. Complains loudly about holding moist toiletries (7,6)
5. Shining talent revealed following big hit (7)
6. Speech-maker’s false lead is screened by statesman (13)
7. Trials proposed in mid-west states (6)
11. Surround badger (7)
12. Turns up late, having lost at squash (6)
13. Inside-left’s fair but worn out (6)
15. Reserve a jacket (5)

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Explanations (C = cryptic part of clue + S = straight part of clue;
or S + S = clue holding answer twice with two different straight meanings;
or POW = play on words.)
Note that joining words may or may not be an integral part of the clue.
Punctuation and capital letters are irrelevant.
The art of the setter is to make it non-obvious how and where to split the clue,
and to mislead the solver along an irrelevant path.


1. C: gallivants around to pick up (“gads” outside “get”)
S: devices = gadgets
5. C: extra charge, it is reported (homonym of “levy”)
S: bank support = levee
8 S: league has 3 = nautical miles
S: minutes for the captain = nautical miles
9. C: coordinated evidently as an (anagram of “evidently as an”)
S: annual event = Valentine’s Day
10. C: the (the) powerful (big) adhere (stick)
S: Roosevelt’s policy = The Big Stick
14. C: travels are through (“trips” inside) takes flight out (“tears off” outside)
S: rail = tear strips off
16. POW: One providing in-flight meals? Unlikely = feeder airline
17. C: guarantee (ensure) misses right (without ‘r’)
S: result = ensue
18. C: writer (Shaw) born (nee)
S: of Indian heritage = Shawnee


1. POW: a conventional city? = Geneva (Geneva Convention)
2. S: unfairly, they’re tossed outside = double-headers
S: consecutive games = double-headers
3. C: turns green (reverse “naïve”)
S: drink = Evian
4. C: complains loudly (screams) about holding (around “having”)
S: moist toiletries = shaving creams
5. C: talent revealed (bent) following big hit (after “lam”)
S: shining = lambent
6. C: false lead (anagram of “lead”) screened by statesman (inside “Victorian”)
S: speech-maker = valedictorian
7. C: mid-west (es) states (says)
S: trials = essays
11. S: surround = besiege
S: badger = besiege
12. C: turns up (“fits” reversed) late having lost at (le)
S: squash = stifle
13. C: inside-left (ef) fair (fete)
S: worn out = effete
15. C: reserve (park) a (a)
S: jacket = parka