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Coordinated Multiuser Communications

Coordinated Multiuser Communications book coverSchlegel,C, Grant, A
Springer, Netherlands

Many communications systems, such as mobile telephone and wireless local area networks, are subject to multiple-access interference, caused by a multitude of users sharing a common radio transmission medium.

This interference limits the reliability, data transmission speed and overall quality delivered to the end user.

Coordinated Multiuser Communications provides an introduction to the main theoretical results and practical engineering methods for eliminating the negative effects of multiple-access interference. Application of these methods is leading to faster, more reliable, and more affordable broadband communications.

The idea for the book originated in research conducted by the authors in the early days of the Institute for Telecommunications Research.
This collaboration is ongoing, and the book represents more than ten years of collaborative research.

Christian Schlegel worked at UniSA from 1992 to 1994 and is now Professor for High-Capacity Digital Communications at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Alex Grant completed bachelor and doctoral degrees in electronic engineering at UniSA. He is now Research Professor of Information Theory at UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research. He is also co-founder of Cohda Wireless, a growing Adelaide-based company that is commercialising these technologies for provision of outdoor mobile broadband networks.

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Labour disputes and their resolution in China

Labour disputes and their resolution in China book coverShen, J
Chandos Publishing, Oxford

Using first-hand research, official statistics and a systematic literature review, this book investigates labour disputes in China, which have become more frequent with the market-oriented economic reforms that began in the late 1970s.

Examining how these labour disputes are resolved is also an integral part of this research, given that China’s economic reform and the material achievements it has resulted in have been hailed a great success.

There have been, however, unforeseen consequences of Western-style economic reform for a society that for millennia has been collectivist in nature and has emphasised social order and cohesion – namely, widespread violations of workers’ rights. This book shows labour disputes are the predominant social problem in China today.

China’s economic miracle has been applauded by many in the West as a sensible alternative to the chaos of the 1966-76 "Cultural Revolution", but the Chinese Government is now faced with the challenge of managing social problems and ideas that are inherent in capitalist economies, and ensuring that it retains political control of the country.

The Chinese Government is under great pressure from its own people and externally despite being committed to protecting workers’ rights and wanting labour disputes to be settled equitably.

This book discusses possible solutions to this dilemma.

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