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Computational methods for modelling of nonlinear systems

Computational methods for modelling of nonlinear systemsTorokhti, A and Howlett, P
Elsevier Science & Technology Books, USA

This book examines theoretical and practical aspects of computing methods for mathematical modeling of nonlinear systems.

A number of computing techniques are considered, such as methods of operator approximation with any given accuracy; operator interpolation techniques including a non-Lagrange interpolation; methods of system representation subject to constraints associated with concepts of causality, memory and stationarity; methods of system representation with an accuracy that is the best within a given class of models; methods of covariance matrix estimation; methods for low-rank matrix approximations; hybrid methods based on a combination of iterative procedures and best operator approximation; and methods for information compression and filtering under condition that a filter model should satisfy restrictions associated with causality and different types of memory.

As a result, the book represents a blend of new methods in general computational analysis, and specific, but also generic, techniques for study of systems theory and its particular branches, such as optimal filtering and information compression.

For more information visit: Elsevier Science & Technology Books, USA

Literacies in place: Teaching environmental communications

Literacies in place: Teaching environmental communications book coverComber, B, Nixon, H, and Reid, J (editors)
Primary English Teaching Association, 2007

In 2004 Barbara Comber, Phil Cormack and Helen Nixon from the Centre for Studies in Literacy, Policy and Learning Cultures, together with colleagues Jo-Anne Reid and Bill Green from Charles Sturt University won an ARC Linkage Grant to critically examine the accomplishments of the Special Forever project - a 15-year partnership between the Primary English Teaching Association and the Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

The Special Forever project aims to influence the attitudes of those living and working in the Basin towards the need for sustainable environmental practice, by encouraging school children in the region to contribute poems and stories to an annual anthology.

This book reports on one aspect of that research. It provides accounts of the work of a group of primary school teachers, all of whom live and work in the Murray-Darling Basin, share a commitment to the Special Forever project, and have made a commitment to rethink and extend the repertoires of multimodal literacy they have available to use with their students.

For more information contact Prof Barbara Comber by email.