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Virtual library tours

Library virtual tour promotional imageThe libraries on UniSA’s five campuses are not just collections of books on shelves. They are knowledge and information hubs where students and staff, research, teaching and learning all intersect.

They can also be daunting places for the uninitiated and tricky places from which to retrieve information efficiently and effectively. Beyond the thousands of books and journals are special collections, study rooms, and computers connecting UniSA to the world of online resources – and they are different in every library.

But navigating UniSA’s libraries has suddenly become a whole lot easier, thanks to an interactive virtual library tour.

The tour creates a virtual online image of each library’s unique environment, resources and services using flash animation, graphics and text.

Library Services Director Helen Livingston said the tour was aimed at current and potential students and staff, both here and abroad.

"It is a unique interactive experience that enables the user to locate a range of resources with a simple click of a mouse," she said.

There are printable versions of the virtual tours for those students and staff wanting to undertake a self-guided tour.

"Each guide has the same information as the virtual tour and enables students to explore each library campus independently," Livingston said.