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The right environment for law

by Michèle Nardelli

Kat BottonFor South Australian 17-year-old, Kat Botten (pictured) getting into a double degree in law and international studies at UniSA is the first step in fulfilling some life goals.

Botten is committed to making her mark on the environment and dealing with the huge challenges of global warming.

"Part of that is going to depend on making good laws and also on defending the environment in a legal sense," Botten says.

"I like the idea of being able to challenge the cutting down of forests in the courtroom – it is an important way to make a contribution to protecting the environment."

Botten says the impact of global warming, will be one of the biggest challenges facing her generation and future generations.

"How we deal with limited water supplies in SA will be important – so I see a career in the law with a focus on environment as something really relevant both locally and internationally."

And exploring legal avenues comes as second nature to Botten. She is surrounded by lawyers with her father and uncle in the profession and two first cousins also entering the field.

"I actually took advice from my parents about where to study law," she said.

"Mum studied radiology at UniSA and was really impressed with the Uni and Dad said the leadership in the new program at UniSA would be very cutting edge because he knew some of the key people there.

"I’m thrilled to have secured a place and excited about starting this month."

Botten will commence with the first intake of law students at UniSA, a new program that has already ensured many local students who would have left the State to study law will now be able to complete the qualification in SA.

Foundation Dean of Law at UniSA Professor Paul Fairall says the new school will welcome a diverse range of students from school leavers to students who have already started their working lives but want to complete a degree in law.

"We are thrilled to welcome bright, engaged, young students like Kat to the school," Prof Fairall said.

"There are real advantages for students like Kat in our unique trimester program, because it means they can be out there following their passions in the law ahead of graduates from other universities.

"It is also a distinct advantage to students who are completing their degrees while they are working or as they make a shift from one career to the next.

"Law at UniSA will be defined by excellence, flexibility and a real passion for making a difference. As we welcome our first intake it brings to fruition the thorough planning phase for the foundation of the program but also opens a new and exhilarating chapter where we get to engage with a vibrant student cohort and help them to attain their aspirations."