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Consumer Behaviour: Applications in MarketingConsumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing

Written by Robert East (Kingston University), Malcom Wright (The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, UniSA) and Marc Vanhuele (HEC School of Management)

Sage Publications Ltd, May 2008

Co-written by Senior Research Associate Professor Malcolm Wright from UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Consumer Behaviour helps readers develop analytical and evidence-based thinking in marketing.

This publication fills in the gaps left by many other marketing texts, with chapters covering brand loyalty, brand equity, biases in decision-making, word of mouth, the response to price and the effect of advertising. With a focus on ‘evidence based’ marketing solutions, Consumer Behaviour explores both quantitative and qualitative approaches to market research.

Answers to real-world case studies included in the text can be found on a website along with accompanying materials, including an Instructors’ Manual complete with PowerPoint slides.

‘A wonderful (and very unusual) balance between areas of marketing that are often at odds with each other (or, worse yet, unaware of each other)… I recommend it to any student, researcher, or manager in marketing’ Peter Fader, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

‘Exceptional for the amount of relevant research that is presented and explained. Students who have read and understood this text are likely to be much more of use to industry’ Fergus Hampton, Managing Director, Millward Brown Precis.

Icons of American ArchitectureIcons of American Architecture (two volumes)

Written by Don Langmead Greenwood Press

The Empire State Building, the Pentagon, Graceland and the Hoover Dam are among the American icons discussed in a book by Adjunct Professor Don Langmead from UniSA’s Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design.

In his eighth work for the US publisher Greenwood Press, Langmead analyses 24 buildings and structures which, beyond their original purpose, have become internationally recognised symbols.

"They are icons of America first, and works of architecture second," he said.

Langmead explores the qualities that turn a building into an icon, and what makes its history, legend and social connotations more important than its design and artistic quality – part of the popular culture of America and the world. The book was released in February this year.