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International Asian banking experts
at City West

Professor Sir James Mirrlees delivering his keynote address 'The Moral Hazard Problem'.UniSA’s Centre for Asian Business teamed up with a pre-eminent policy research institute in Asia, to host a well-attended symposium earlier this month.

The Asian Development Bank Institute Symposium at the University’s City West campus, hosted high profile researchers from the USA, Asia and Australia who gave presentations about international finance and economic policy in Asia.

Event organiser and Deputy Director of the Centre for Asian Business, Dr Tony Cavoli, says these were top quality presentations on really pertinent policy questions that are currently occupying policymakers in Asia.

“These questions included, what has been the effect of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) on capital flows into Asian countries; have Asian countries reverted to capital controls, or other prudential measures since the GFC; how should Asian Central Banks manage their exchange rate regimes; should Asia follow Europe and have a common currency and what are the benefits and costs of this?,” Dr Cavoli says.

“The Centre for Asian Business wishes to become an active player in policy-relevant research in the region. Hosting a conference with such high-level participation is important to us because it gives the Centre and UniSA in general access to high quality policy research and eminent researchers.

"To co-host this event with the Asian Development Bank Institute was an exceptional opportunity to team up with one of the pre-eminent policy research institutes in Asia.”

Highlights of the conference included a public lecture given by Nobel Laureate, Sir James Mirrlees about bank regulation, and a lunch address by the Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Dr Guy Debelle on current account deficits.