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The books are free, but the knowledge pays off

by Catherine Andruchowycz and Liz Gunner

(L-R) Student Hao Yuan (Allan) Li and Professor Byron Sharp.Lucky first-year marketing students have lined up to receive a signed copy of the internationally acclaimed marketing book How Brands Grow.

Three hundred books were hand-delivered to School of Marketing students by the author Professor of Marketing Science, Byron Sharp (pictured right), who also gave a thought-provoking guest lecture.

In his lecture ‘How Marketing Can Escape Medieval Thinking’, Professor Sharp shared examples from How Brands Grow to demonstrate why evidence-based thinking would set students apart in the marketing world.

Marketing student Lachlan Praulins said he was looking forward to reading the book.

“Byron’s lecture was inspiring,” he said.

“He completely changed the way I thought about marketing and challenged theories that textbooks have published for decades.”

A quick peek inside the book jacket confirms that Lachlan’s view is not unique. The Institute’s research, and the book itself, has been praised internationally by marketing heads at Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and The Nielsen Company to name just a few.

First-year marketing student Simone Petherick said the real-life application of the book was fascinating.

“It’s amazing to realise what we’re learning is being read by CEOs and these same findings are impacting the marketing strategies of some of the world’s biggest companies,” she said.

How Brands Grow is the amalgamation of decades of research into consumer behaviour and brand performance led by Professor Sharp and a team of researchers at UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

Professor Sharp’s dedication to helping marketers understand the science behind marketing was the motivation behind his donation to the students, but he points out that the book is not a text book.

“This book is a marketing resource that provides practical evidence-based answers to the key questions asked by marketers every day,” he said.

“If we want to produce bright young minds we need to foster thinking that leads to decisions based on facts – science and research should not be separated from the daily operational tasks of a marketer.”

Head of the School of Marketing Professor Larry Lockshin said the How Brands Grow giveaway represents the unique link with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute that gives an advantage to students studying at UniSA’s School of Marketing.

“Our curriculum represents the very latest in marketing knowledge and research,” he said.

“The Institute’s researchers are our tutors and lectures, course coordinators and program directors.”

This was the first time that marketing students have received a copy of How Brands Grow but the special lecture will be repeated each semester as part of the Buyer and Consumer Behaviour course.

To find out more about how the School of Marketing is focused on providing its students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and pursue life-long learning, click here.