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Kirsten earns scholarship victory

by Emma Primett

First year Marketing and Communication student Kirsten Victory.Not every high school student dreams of becoming a market researcher, but winner of this year’s Ehrenberg Scholarship, first year Marketing and Communication student Kirsten Victory, says one book inspired her to become just that.

Victory (pictured right), said the book How Brands Grow, by none other than the Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Professor Byron Sharp, was the spark that turned her onto marketing.

“I became interested in market research after reading the book,” says Victory.

“Ultimately, I would love to become a market researcher to help local and global organisations grow their business and improve marketing strategies.

“I wanted to find a career that would allow me to use my writing skills, but also involved communication and psychology.

“Marketing is one of those unique fields that draws together a range of skill sets, so it was the perfect choice for me.”

Receiving a hard-earned ATAR score of 96.9 in 2011, Victory’s head start in communication and psychology at Seaford High School whetted her appetite for the marketing profession.

In 2010 Victory was nominated by her school to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in the USA, travelling to Washington DC and New York to further develop her leadership skills.

Victory says it was a great opportunity to network with business leaders, diplomats and academics from around the world.

“Attending the conference opened my eyes to new opportunities. It made me realise that I want to travel the world to develop my career and achieve my professional and personal goals,” she says.

“I’m really looking forward to working closely with the researchers of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

“Being offered a position at the Institute makes me feel as though my hard work has been recognised by professionals in my field. It’s really encouraging and a very important first step for my career.”

Each year the Ehrenberg Scholarship is awarded to a promising student enrolled in one of the three undergraduate degrees offered by the School of Marketing.

As well as a year of paid HECS fees, recipients are offered paid, part-time work assisting the marketing scientists at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. Recipients also get direct entry to invitation-only masterclasses.

For more information about the Ehrenberg Scholarship, click here.