Bottle light’s European debut

The Safety Bottle Light on a bike frame ART AND DESIGN

An invention by a UniSA industrial designer, set to light up the world of recreational cycling, could be on the shelves in time for Christmas.

Safety Bottle Light is a water bottle fitted with a removable LED light, designed to fit on a bike frame and enable lighting visibility for a cyclist to see – and be seen, from 360 degrees, when on the road.

Designed by Sandy Walker and developed with ITEK, the technology commercialisation arm of the University, Safety Bottle Light has just been shown at Eurobike Friedrichshafen, the premier annual event of the global cycle industry.

The four day exhibition in Germany, which in 2013 attracted more than 45,000 trade visitors from more than 100 countries, is the launch pad for new cycling products and it is here that a demonstration was provided indicating how Safety Bottle Light works.

“In terms of a license to produce the product, it’s great that a European company has decided to go with the product,” he said.

“Eurobike Friedrichshafen has been an opportunity for distributors to learn more about the bottle and for the manufacturer to explain the concept and show the product.”

Safety Bottle Light was created to reduce the risk of cyclist-car accidents as a result of poor visibility and low light levels at certain times of the day. As the European continent heads towards the end of the year, the diminishing number of daylight hours means the bottle could find other applications beyond cycling.

“The advantage of it being in Germany is that, in Europe, the days are beginning to get shorter as autumn and winter approach. It’s not unusual for children to walk to and from school in the dark in winter months,” Walker said.

“Safety Bottle Light therefore does have other pedestrian applications as well, as a safety feature.”

The soft launch event of Safety Bottle Light is expected to be followed by a major launch towards the end of the year, in time for Tour Down Under (TDU) in Adelaide next January and in time too, to reach the Christmas market.

“It would be great for the University to use Safety Bottle Light as a TDU UniSA branded promotion, given UniSA's links with the event and the fact that this is a UniSA designed and commercialised cycling/pedestrian safety product,” Walker said.