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UniSA welcomes a world of Choice

Professor Jordan Louviere and Vice Chancellor Prof David Lloyd launch UniSA’s new Institute for Choice in Sydney. (Photographer Peter Secheny)Professor Jordan Louviere and Vice Chancellor Prof David Lloyd launch UniSA’s new Institute for Choice in Sydney. (Photographer Peter Secheny)

You could say the University of South Australia is so excited to welcome the new members of its Institute for Choice that they launched it twice.

This month the new Institute dedicated to researching decision-making and choice behavior was launched in North Sydney at its new home base in Arthur Street and then again in Adelaide. The Sydney event introduced corporate and research partners to the new face of the Institute for Choice and Adelaide the launch introduced the broader UniSA research community to new colleagues.

Bringing together the highest concentration of academic expertise in choice behaviour research globally, the new Institute for Choice has academic staff and affiliates from around Australia and the world.

Speaking at the launch UniSA Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd said the group is a veritable United Nations assembly of world experts in the behavioural and social sciences.

“This new venture, which provides UniSA’s Institute for Choice its own Sydney shop front, represents the modern collaborative research face of UniSA,” Prof Lloyd says.

“When it comes to research we are increasingly solutions-focused and to take that approach we can’t afford to be bound by geography.

“The new Institute is based in Sydney because it is a key centre in the Asia-Pacific and is already a strong focus for business in the region. What the Institute can offer those businesses is access to leading academic and applied research relevant to consumer choice and consumer behaviours.

“It will offer them a multidisciplinary view of how decision making occurs and underpins analysis, for example, of new product developments or the provision of social services.”

While researchers from the new Institute for Choice are no strangers to UniSA’s own Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, having collaborated on projects in the past, the formation of the new Institute will also encourage stronger and more strategic research collaboration on projects of global reach with other related research teams at UniSA to deliver unique understandings of markets, buyer and consumer choice behaviour.

In addition, the team will continue its longstanding academic and applied focus on choice behaviours related to social, environmental, health and other societally relevant issues.

Founder of the Institute and Research Professor Jordan Louviere says choice modelling is a sophisticated and complex business science.

“It is a powerful tool for understanding and analysing why people behave the way they do,” he says.

At the launch he announced the Institute’s newest project working with the World Bank to examine youth employment.

The research will employ a survey instrument that identifies the constraints facing younger people in their respective labour markets around the world.

Prof Louviere says the move to join UniSA and establish the Institute for Choice had been one of the most positive experiences he has had in his university career and one which will underpin continued growth in the powerful field of choice behavior and decision making.

The Institute for Choice will be part of the UniSA Business School. It brings together experts in psychology, statistics, economics marketing, organizational behavior and management.