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The Psychology of Innovation in Organizations

The Psychology of Innovation in Organizations book cover. Innovate or die – it’s been one of the catch-cries of the 21st century. But what organisational environments nurture innovation? What psychological characteristics do innovative people possess? Are there certain processes that generate innovation?

These are the questions that UniSA’s Associate Professor in Engineering Innovation, David Cropley seeks to answer in the new book The Psychology of Innovation in Organizations.

Co-authored with Emeritus Professor Arthur Cropley from the University of Hamburg, the book draws on psychological research in the field of creativity to illustrate practical methods for conceptualising and managing organisational innovation.

“To compete in today’s marketplace, organisations need to innovate – that is to develop novel systems, processes or products that can be implemented for commercial benefit,” Assoc Prof Cropley says.

“In our book, we present a dynamic model of the interactions among four key components of creativity – product, person, process, and press – that function as building blocks of innovation.

“We developed this model by breaking down the process of generation and implementation of innovation. This revealed the various aspects of an organisational environment, such as management structures, that may influence the innovation process.”

Published by Cambridge University Press, the book concludes that with proper measurement and management, organisations can effectively encourage individuals to produce and take advantage of novel ideas.

The Psychology of Innovation in Organizations is available for purchase at the Cambridge University Press website.