New Colombo Plan success builds global experience

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UniSA students have scooped up the opportunities afforded by the New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarships including everything from studying invasive plant species in Fiji to working as an intern in Malaysian media.

UniSA students won six scholarships in this round of funding, more than any other university in South Australia and one the most successful universities in Australia in securing NCP funding.

UniSA Deputy Vice Chancellor for International and Development, Nigel Relph says he is delighted with the scheme and the success of UniSA students.

“We are very much on board with the NCP because we appreciate just how important international experiences are for our students,” Relph says.

“We have always been a university that is keen to engage with our region and to welcome students from Asia and around the world.

“The NCP complements and balances the notion of welcoming international students to South Australia, by providing excellent opportunities for Australian students to step into the professional and educational cultures of other nations – in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in our neighbourhood.

“Our world is less and less constrained by borders and we know that the leaders and professionals of tomorrow will need to understand the problems and opportunities that present themselves beyond Australia, if they are to be successful and contributing citizens.

“I am delighted with the results and hope all of the NCP scholarship winners have a fantastic international experience that really supports their intellectual and personal growth.”

The winners of the 2016 NCP scholarships are:

Gemma Clancy is studying a Bachelor of Management (Marketing). She won an Ehrenberg Scholarship and is a research assistant at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

She will travel to Hong Kong in 2016 to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and hopes to take on an internship within a multinational company in Hong Kong. She will also learn the Cantonese language and says she is looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of Hong Kong culture.

Michael Dyer will undertake his honours project in Fiji in 2016 at the University of the South Pacific, supervised by the Head of School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment. Michael will be researching in the field of invasion ecology, particularly looking at the consequences of invasive flora species in forest ecosystems. He will also undertake an internship at Nature Fiji, continuing his practical work in the field. Michael has represented Australia in the recent International Tall Ships race around northern Europe and has volunteered in leadership roles with a number of environmental organisations in South Australia.

Thomas Engelhardt is a touring musician and came to university after seven years in the workforce. He is currently studying for a Bachelors double degree in Journalism and International Relations. He will study at the University of Malaya in 2016, using his NCP scholarship to extend his professional international experience with an internship at a Malaysian media outlet.

Georgia Johnson has a passion for travel and is currently on exchange in the Netherlands. She will expand her international experience in 2016, studying at the University of Malaya, UniSA’s key exchange partner institution in Malaysia. A seasoned traveller, she visited rural India where she helped to set up a charity to support families and orphans. This is just one example of her many leadership roles in community organisations. Georgia will continue her studies in her double degree in Bachelor of Marketing and Communications. She hopes to take on an internship in marketing when she heads to Malaysia.

David Sidwell is studying a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing and Communication) and is keen to expand his horizons in 2016 through his exposure to South Korea’s progressive interactive media industry. The NCP will support him to continue his studies at Sogang University and secure an internship at NCSoft, one of the world’s leading online gaming publishers. He will also take on studies in Korean language and culture. His goal for 2017 is to study Honours as a capstone to his degree, incorporating the cultural insights and industry experience gained through his NCP scholarship.

Lucinda Thurmer is passionate about documenting and promoting new perspectives of communication using media and film production techniques. Under the NCP scheme, she will continue her studies in the Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management) at Korea’s Chung Ang University, a long-standing UniSA exchange partner. Alongside her studies and film industry work, Lucinda volunteers with organisations striving to equip women with key skills and support to climb the corporate ladder..