From the Chancellery

Professor David Lloyd, Vice Chancellor & President Chancellery and Council Services INSIDE UNISA

The eve of your next birthday is a great time. It’s both a time to reflect on where you’ve been, but mostly, it is exciting to think about where you’re headed.

UniSA is right at that point. Next year will be our 25th anniversary and we’re already planning our celebrations.
You’ll soon notice a new website set up to help celebrate the event. When it’s launched at the end of July, it will feature updates on all the 25th anniversary events planned for our campuses next year. It will also feature a timeline of the University’s history and the stories that make us what we are today.

Your stories.

You see we have decided that perhaps the most important thing we need to celebrate next year is our people.
The website and the 25th anniversary logo will be filled with photographs of all of you.

You will have noticed the photo booths recently on campuses and we are hoping all of you took the opportunity to “get in the picture” for our anniversary. And we want your stories too. We want you to load that website with anecdotes, memories, observations and your thoughts about the University and its past and present success.

Celebrating milestones should always be about acknowledging commitment, dedication and the people who have made the journey to where we are so vibrant and successful.

At UniSA that is our brilliant researchers, compelling teachers, eager students and super professionals, all of whom have made UniSA more than just their workplace.

There is always the sense in this University, of a deep personal commitment to the vital role of education in society.

Today UniSA is considered one of the world’s best universities under the age of 50 by the world’s two top rankings agencies; we’re number one in South Australia for the employment rate of our graduates and almost half of South Australia’s annual cohort of school leavers choose us to help start them on their chosen career paths.

Being young and successful allows us to focus on the future where innovation and creativity, combined with knowledge, will deliver economic growth. And while we’re focused on continuing our success, we won’t ever walk away from our commitment to equity in education.

We can all be proud of our achievements. But rather than just celebrating an anniversary by taking in the past, what I hope the 25th anniversary will be for staff, students and our friends is an inspiration for future growth and success.

Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor and President