A ‘twinning’ start to university life

Nirbhey and Jasjit Thakur INSIDE UNISA

No, you don’t have double vision – there are two of them and you might just see them around campus this year as they’re both starting a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree at UniSA.

Nirbhey and Jasjit Thakur will be two of the many new faces on campus this month as the new academic year kicks into gear.

The twins, who were born in India but moved to Australia with their parents 11 years ago, completed Year 12 at St Paul’s. They studied the same subjects and achieved exactly the same ATAR before both being offered and accepting a place at UniSA.

Over the moon with their offers, Nirbhey and Jasjit couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces when we spoke to them about their unique bond and why they’re looking forward to studying at UniSA together.

How would you describe your sibling relationship?

Nirbhey and Jasjit ThakurNirbhey: Jasjit is five minutes older than me but from childhood we have never been separated. We always do everything together. When we received our Year 12 results, I showed mine first to Papa but when Jasjit went to show him his results, Papa responded: “I already know yours”.

Jasjit: We do everything together – there was even a time when Nirbhey made a mistake and I said “That’s the same mistake I just made”. We get the same scores and make the same mistakes all the time.

What did you think when you both got the same ATAR?

Nirbhey: The ATAR was not really surprising for me because my brother and I thought we would both end up getting the same ATAR.

Jasjit: It was not a surprise for me because my brother and I share the same strengths and weaknesses.

Why did you decide to study Psychology?

Nirbhey: As we have identical emotions and ideas, I wanted to explore human emotions to better understand the mind, in particular human behaviour and mental processes.

Jasjit: As we have same interests, we decided to pursue the same career. It will be interesting to study psychology together.

How do you think you will go studying together at university?

Nirbhey: It will be quite an interesting and exciting experience for both of us as it will be different from school. Many people will notice us.

Are you looking forward to meeting different people and doing different classes or will you be trying to stick together at university?

Jasjit: Definitely. It will be a great opportunity to meet different people. We have never been separated since childhood and up until now. It is likely that we may do the same classes because we always study together. However, even though we share the same ideas, interests and thoughts, we are not dependent on each other. If we have the opportunity to go to the different classes, it will be something new for us.

How have your teachers at school responded to your similar grades and marks?

Nirbhey: To be honest our scores in every subject have been identical. Teachers did find it surprising because they thought they made the mistake.

Jasjit: Whenever they would give our tests back, the teachers would only give my test back, not my brother’s. The teacher would say, “You and your brother performed identically in the test, I am not going to give your brother his test, I am going to keep that as my reference”.

Do you socialise together?

Nirbhey: My bond with my brother is more than a just sibling bond. I am my brother’s friend for life. We share our happiness and sorrows together as we always become happy or sad at the same time. We play many sports together like table tennis, badminton and basketball. The match between my brother and I is entertaining as neither of us loses or wins. It is always a draw.

Jasjit: I feel the same. Whenever my brother and best friend is not around I feel quiet and sometimes alone.

What’s on for O-Week?

With the 2017 orientation beginning later this month, here are some of the activities and entertainment planned on campus:

Mawson Lakes

There’ll be a Game Zone where students can battle it out at Mario Kart or Daytona, slushies thanks to Urbanest, a chance to adopt a plant, and opportunities to chat to the Football United crew. There will be live music by folk musician Louis Donnarumma, along with DJ sets throughout the day with Fresh’s Ryley and Mitchell as MCs.


Students can chill out between info sessions and the expo by competing in giant chess or Connect 4 in the Picnic Zone, learn how to basket weave, treat themselves to a slushie thanks to Urbanest, adopt a plant or get inked at the henna booth. Entertainment will include folk tunes by Hannah Yates to kick off the day, as well as DJ sets

City West

Students can contribute to the O-Week art wall and enjoy arcade games on campus. There’ll be slushies thanks to the crew at Urbanest, plants to adopt and temporary ink to be had at the henna booth. Entertainment will be provided by folk powerhouses Kaurna Cronin Trio and Thom Lion & The Tamers, along with DJ sets, and urban circus performers the 360 Allstars.

City East

There will be a Garden Chill Out Zone where students can adopt a plant, unleash their inner artist on the O-Week art wall, battle it out at Street Fighter, or treat themselves to a slushie thanks to Urbanest. Students can also learn to basket weave. There will be live music throughout the day by folk musician Thom Lion as well as DJ sets.