From the Chancellery

Professor David Lloyd, Vice Chancellor and President INSIDE UNISA

For all the talk you hear about innovation and entrepreneurship and the plans institutions and industries have to make them an integral part of their operation, they remain just words unless you do something about them.

The Nike slogan, Just Do It, was never more apt. With the approval last Thursday of Enterprise25 by the University’s Council, our new seven-year strategic plan will see UniSA leverage its strengths to be even more awesome.

Enterprise25 has, at its core, an expanded curriculum innovation process which reshapes and enhances UniSA’s programs, their construction and how they are delivered for a 21st century dynamic education. It will make sure that our programs are leading-edge, end-user endorsed programs that are all ranked among the best in the world.

At its heart Enterprise25 puts Programs, People and Precincts at the centre of our operations.

Our Programs: will be reviewed and re-shaped to make sure that they are leading-edge, end-user endorsed that are all ranked amongst the best in the world. All undergraduate programs will integrate interdisciplinary opportunities, and all will have internships and work-integrated learning. Postgraduate coursework and executive education will be designed around micro-credentialing.

Our People: our staff core attributes will continue to influence every aspect of our employee experience, by attracting great talent through investing in professional development to enable high performance. We will redefine program oversight, management structures and capabilities and bolster academic leadership and professional management to reflect and reinforce our program focus.

Our Precincts: we will group our programs into logical geographic clusters and encourage our end-users and industry partners to co-locate with us. We will maximise general teaching spaces and repurpose lecture theatres as digital education continues growing. We will reduce the number of metropolitan campuses and include Unaipon Spaces for our Aboriginal students across them.

To prepare our graduates for the world that waits for them we are broadening their education opportunities and encouraging them to think differently. We are dismantling business-as-usual and equipping our students for the constant change that they will face. We have always encouraged a lifelong love of learning because of the changes our graduates face. We need to prepare our students for that change and make sure that what we produce – a new generation of graduates – are ready and able to achieve their academic and career goals.

And it’s not just students who will benefit from the changes. Our end-users also include our research partners. Our six research themes were chosen to address the world’s most pressing needs. Under our Enterprise25 plans we will bring together thought leaders across disciplines to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to those needs. By taking an industry sector approach, and building partners into large scale research activities and precincts, we will create new knowledge with real impact.

Enterprise25 sits as an approved, costed and ambitious strategy-in-waiting. It’s one of two exciting possible futures for UniSA. The other is the possibility of the creation of a new university through merger.

The process of exploring that possibility is ongoing through to December. At that point we will know what stacks up for us, and what choice best positions us to deliver as Australia’s University of Enterprise.

Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor and President