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Accessing the corporate web server

Follow the steps on this page to gain access to the corporate web server.

Access for UniSA staff

If you are a staff member and you would like to gain authoring access to maintain an existing site you will need to fulfil the following three prerequisites before requesting access via the web access form.

1. Microsoft SharePoint Designer knowledge

You will need SharePoint Designer or HTML training. See Learning SharePoint Designer for further details on how to receive this training.

2. Corporate web templates and tools, and online accessibility knowledge

Online training is provided in the use of corporate web templates and associated tools such as the menu editor, publishing and form conversion tools. Online accessibility of the W3C priority 1 and 2 guidelines is also incorporated into this training.
More information about training.

3. Authorisation

Individuals need to obtain authorisation from the relevant Pro Vice Chancellor, Unit Director/Manager, Research Leader or their nominees.

Staff members who wish students or private contractors to author websites should have them fill in the same form. Remember that only University staff can author websites - students and contractors will first need to be given a Staff logon.

Staff members of organisations involved in joint ventures with the University can also be granted write access. However, by law only members of organisations involved in joint ventures relating to the University's teaching or administrative activities are permitted to obtain write access.

Note: All authors will need to have successfully completed the Skills assessment (staff access only) before completing the web access form. You will not need to repeat the test when applying for subsequent access.

After the Web access form has been submitted, you will be contacted by a member of the corporate web team with details of your access.

Access for non-UniSA staff

1. Authoring by non-UniSA staff - without access to the UniSA server

If a non-UniSA staff is updating a UniSA website without gaining access to the UniSA server, he/she needs to author the webpages following UniSA's accessibility guidelines, email them to a UniSA staff member who has access to the website for uploading and publishing.

2. Authoring by non-UniSA staff - with access to the UniSA server

If an area of the University requires access for a non-UniSA staff member to create a new website or update an existing website on the UniSA server, the following steps need to be taken: