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Viewing your website

Viewing your webpages in a browser will show you how they will look once published. This is a good checking mechanism for your website.


Preview in browser

What you see in Sharepoint Designer when using a template is not how it will look on the web. Use the icon 'Preview in Browser' in the Standard toolbar to see your page on the web, or select File, Preview in Browser from the Sharepoint Designer menu.

Preview in Browser icon






Web browsers

Different browsers can have radically different capabilities and limitations. You cannot assume that a user has appropriate facilities for viewing your website to its full capacity.

When web authoring it is best to test your website using different browsers. See latest web viewing statistics by W3Schools to see what's browsers are popular. Generally Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox are the most popular. The UniSA corporate web templates have been tested with these and other common browsers and all display fine. If you do anything different, then please test yourself.


Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading PDF files is not automatically built into all browsers. Internet Explorer will already have plugins built in for multimedia, but with Netscape these need to be added in. The latest browsers and Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded from AARNET.

Some websites try to support almost all existing browsers, while others try to support only the newest and most popular browsers. A middle-ground approach is to have some enhanced features for newer browsers, yet provide graceful degradation for older browsers. Check for compatibility with different browsers before using enhanced web components such as multimedia by

It helps to keep up to date with current trends (eg software updates), which change rapidly in the web environment. This guide will keep you informed of changes when appropriate.