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Checklist for your webpages

  1. Check that the headings are the right style (use headings 1, 2 and 3 provided by the template which are font type and font size specific, as these meet the W3C accessibility guidelines)
  2. Refer to the web style guide if you are unsure of style usage (eg page layout, capitalisation)
  3. Make sure your font type is Times New Roman (see Formatting your converted Word document)
  4. Insert metadata for your files
  5. Insert images and other files and make sure images have 'alt' text
  6. If you have converted tables, make them accessible
  7. Do appropriate hyperlinks (including to the home page)
  8. Preview in the browser and proofread
  9. Check your webpage for accessibility in Cynthia says

Once you have tidied up your files, the last step will be to build the left hand navigation using the Menu Editor which will link the converted pages in your site.