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Opening your site

Once your new site is published, NEVER edit a webpage by accessing SharePoint Designer from the web browser. Always open SharePoint Designer from your Programs menu or desktop.


Saving SharePoint Designer as a shortcut on your desktop

If you are using Windows XP

  1. Select Start, point to All Programs > Microsoft Office > SharePoint Designer (if you are using Microsoft Windows 2000, point to Programs instead of All Programs)
  2. FrontPage iconRight click SharePoint Designer, point to Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) - a shortcut icon for SharePoint Designer will appear on your desktop


Opening your site in SharePoint Designer

To access either your new or existing site

  1. Open SharePoint Designer 2007 
  2. Go to File, then Open Site... (or Open Web... if SharePoint Designer 2002)
  3. In the Open Web dialogue box select Web Site from the the left hand side (My Network Places in SharePoint Designer)
  4. In the box called Folder name, type in http://www.newdev.unisa.edu.au/*  (where * = the usual extension for your site on the web eg 'art' or 'sas') if you are authoring a new site, or http://www.olddev.unisa.edu.au/* if you making changes to a site not converted to the corporate web templates
  5. Click Open 
  6. If asked to enter your network password, enter your domain and usual user logon in the first line (ie UNINET\yourusername) and your usual password in the next line 
  7. Click OK and this screen will close 
  8. Click Open on the next screen 
  9. Your web will open and you can now create/edit your site

After the first time of opening a new site, you won't have to type in the URL - the site will automatically be saved and listed under Web Sites.

Open Site dialog box