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Creating password protected pages

Staff only access

To restrict access to files, documents or webpages to staff-only, you need to author these in a website located on the password restricted webserver. You will notice the -p in the URL of any links that lead to staff only pages (www-p.unisa.edu.au\sitename) indicating that this page is on a password protected site.

The information architecture of the password restricted website can be similar to that of any site on the corporate webserver.

To request that a website is created on the password restricted corporate webserver, use the online request form. Include in your request the names of staff who require access to author/edit/publish the site. These staff must have passed the requirements for accessing the corporate webserver.

Access can be restricted to staff only (all University staff) or a more limited group of staff (ie. Division or School staff members)

Once the webpages and documents are published, staff will be prompted to authenticate or logon using their UniSA staff account and password when accessing files on this site.

Currently the password restricted site is not searched by search engines.

Linking to password protected webpages

When linking to password restricted pages in your website, identify the link as one that only staff will be able to access by including (staff only) after the link or identifying that the link will only be accessible to staff in the text. Links from the left hand menu must also have (staff only) included.

Make sure you are linking to the URL of the live/published webpage/document instead of the URL of the webpage/document that is still in the development webserver ie the URL should not have a 'newdev' in it.