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Guidelines and standards for designing your website

Designing or planning your website is something you may think you have already done, but because the web is such a dynamic environment it is worth critically examining your current website before you change over to the corporate web templates. It is even worth critically examining your website if you are already using the corporate web templates.

Aside from the specific design elements of the templates, there are other considerations in the planning and design of your website. The following guidelines and standards will assist you in this process. If you are an experienced web author, you will probably already be familiar with some of the 'rules' of good webpage design. However some aspects of these guidelines may offer you fresh insights due to new accessibility standards and other issues.

If  websites hosted at UniSA have approval to build their own site and not use the supplied UniSA templates, it is strongly recommended not to use frames. There are recognised problems with their use, ie accessibility, printing, hyperlinking, bookmarking and searching. It is possible to achieve the same look and consistent navigation on each page with the use of server-side includes and cascading stylesheets as the UniSA corporate website uses.