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Locating and naming your site

Your first consideration will be the location of your site. All division, school, research and organisational unit home pages and webpages must stay within UniSA's infrastructure (ie hosted by UniSA). The URL of sites hosted on the corporate web server will be www.unisa.edu.au/sitename and can be shortened by dropping the www to unisa.edu.au/sitename.

If areas require a unique URL in the format www.sitename.unisa.edu.au for commercial or other reasons, they will need to apply to the Marketing and Development Unit (MDU) who will liaise with ISTS for approval. This URL can not be shortened and will normally point to the home page of the website only then to revert back to www.unisa.edu.au/sitename for all subsequent webpages. Refer to the Website development flowchart for where this occurs in the process of website development.

In instances where the desired site URL does not use the unisa.edu.au format, it is the requesting party’s responsibility to request and pay for domain name hosting from a third party vendor or organisation.

Refer to Advantages of placing your website on the corporate web system if you are considering having a server other than the corporate web host your website.