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Archive a site or webpage

You will want to archive when you convert a site from olddev to newdev (that is, move a website to the corporate web server and corporate web look and feel). You may also want to archive a newdev site that has undergone extensive changes so that you have a record of the previous version of the website. If you change a webpage within a site, you may want to archive a single page.


Archiving a whole site using Frontpage 2003

Although these instructions refer to a newdev site, they can also be applied to archiving an olddev site.

You will need to publish the website you wish to archive to your hard drive then burn the files onto a CD. Below are instructions for publishing files to your hard drive. For how to burn files onto a CD if you don't already know how to do it, please contact your local IT support person. Archive instructions follow.

  1. Create a new folder somewhere appropriate on your hard drive. For the purposes of these instructions a folder called 'wagaug06' has been created in the webbackup folder on D drive.
  2. In FrontPage open your website on newdev, eg http://www.newdev.unisa.edu.au/wag
  3. Once your website is open, select File, Publish  Site
  4. Remote web site properties boxSelect File System from the Remote Web server types as shown here.
  5. In the Remote Web site location box you can browse to the directory you created in step 1 above on your hard drive. Then select OK. You will be asked if you want to create a web at that location because one does not exist, select OK

  6. You will then see the local and remote website properties like this:Publish website to hard drive
  7. Double check that the local to remote radio button is selected which it should be if this is the first time you have archived this site. The local website is the website you are wanting to archive, in this case, www.newdev.unisa.edu.au/wag and the remote website is the folder setup earlier on D drive called wagaug06.
  8. Once you're happy with the settings, select the Publish Web site in the bottom right hand corner.
  9. Ignore and continue?You will more than likely see a notification that the place you are publishing to does not support active server pages. This doesn't matter as you are just creating a copy. If you need to view the pages you can import these files back to your local website and view them in a web browser. Therefore select Ignore and Continue and select the 'Don't remind me about this again' box if you wish.


Archiving a webpage within a site

To archive a single webpage within a site, open your site in FrontPage

  1. Highlight the file you want to archive in the Folder list
  2. Go to File > Export...
  3. icon for archived .asp webpageIn the Export Selected As dialog box, choose the destination you want to copy the file to
  4. Select the Save button
  5. The file will be exported as a .asp page and should look similar to the image pictured