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Find a website author

The Corporate web access permissions tool is a web-based application for all staff to use to find out authors and publishers of corporate websites.

If you need access to author or publish to the corporate web server, see Access to the corporate web server.

How to use the Corporate web access permissions tool

Show all groups for a URL address

To find out the authors of a website, select a Newdev or Olddev site by selecting the appropriate blue text 'old', 'new' etc which will fill in most of the URL for a website in the 'Show all groups for a URL address' box. You just then need to type the rest of the URL in the box under Step 2 so you end up with something like this: http://www.newdev.unisa.edu.au/wag

Select the GO text and the page will refresh to show you who the authors and publishers are for that website.

 UniSA Corporate web access permissions image