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Delete obsolete files

A very important part of website maintenance is deleting obsolete files (this includes webpages and images). At some stage some files will no longer be needed but these will still be on the production server and therefore found by search engines. You may wish to archive your website before you do this.

FrontPage 2002 can help you find unlinked files or older files.
Once you have deleted obsolete files you will need to publish the whole site which will then delete the obsolete files on the production server.

Unlinked files

In FrontPage, select View, Reports, Problems, Unlinked Files

You will see something similar to this.
 Unlinked Files report from Frontpage
Note that it lists the templates and the menu.xml file which you will NOT want to delete.
Double check the files are okay to delete by double clicking on the file name in the list of unlinked files which will open the page.

When you are sure the file is all right to delete, close the page or the file and go back to the Unlinked Files report, select the appropriate file, right click and select delete.

These are the files that were left after cleaning up obsolete files in the Web Authoring Guide. It appears that some files are actually linked from the left hand menu, but nowhere else within FrontPage which is why they show up in this report so be extra careful about which files you delete.

Unlinked files report in Frontpage after cleanup of obsolete files


Older files

This report is probably more relevant for websites on www.olddev.unisa.edu.au as they have been around for longer than www.newdev.unisa.edu.au websites.

In FrontPage select View, Reports, Files, Older Files.

FrontPage will compile the list and you are able to select how many days you want the report to show older files for. As a rough guide, if files haven't been modified for over a year then they either need updating or deleting.