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Tutorial - Using The Find Feature

This short tutorial below will help you find content and code with in a website using Share Point Designer.

Step 1

  1. Select the root directory from the Folder List on the left
  2.  Select 'Edit > Find...' from the menu. the 'Find and Replace' window will appear

screenshot 1 - select folder, start search

Step 2

  1. Insert the code you are looking for into the 'Find What' text area
  2. Ensure the 'All pages' radio button is selected
  3. Select the 'Find in source code' check box then press the 'Find All' button

fill out popup window with search details

Step 3

  1. A new window will appear with results of the search.
  2. Double clicking an entry will open the file and display the code with the search term highlighted.

Search results are listed