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Web authoring overview

To ensure that a corporate look and feel is maintained, templates have been created with already established font, headings and banner designs. There is still some scope for individual units, services and Schools to create an individual look within this framework. If considering hosting your website on your own server you might like to consider the advantages of placing it on the corporate web system.

The templates and accompanying tools (outlined in How to author webpages) aim to make the development of websites a relatively seamless process which web authors can readily adapt for their purposes.

Web authors will work on the development server at all times, using the publishing tool to publish to the live site (production server). This method ensures that the live and development websites are synonymous. Details of this are outlined in the Authoring environment.

The University of South Australia is committed to ensuring access for people with disabilities and is developing strategies to ensure its online environment is accessible. These strategies are built into the template design, and will enhance accessibility for all users, not just those with a disability. More information on web accessibility.