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Where to get web authoring help

This page is for people who have learnt how to use Frontpage, have attended the corporate web template training and have reached a stumbling block in their web authoring with Frontpage or the corporate web environment.

If you require help because you need to set up a new website or gain access to author an existing website see Access to the corporate web server.

Below are some steps to follow to obtain help in any web authoring problem you may be having.


Web Authoring Guide

The first reference should be the Web Authoring Guide. You are currently within the Web Authoring Guide and can therefore select left hand menu items to get where you need to go. The ones you will likely need for help are under How to author webpages. If you cannot find what you think should be included here please contact Web enquiries. You can also search the Web Authoring Guide.


Web authors discussion

A web discussion has been setup for web authors within UniSA using the Committees feature in Sharepoint.

It will hopefully be a good repository for issues that web authors encounter at UniSA and topics will be easier to follow than they are now via the email list (see below). It is also possible to be notified from the list if that's what you want (see the discussion on  how to do that).

Please check it out, feel free to start new topics and add to existing topics. Access it here https://committees.unisa.edu.au/sites/wag/default.aspx and then select Committee Discussion in the left hand menu. Note: you may need to put uninet\ before your username when logging on.


Web author email distribution list and public folder

You might be able to find out the answer from emailing the Web Author email distribution list and public folder. To become part of the list email contact Web enquiries and request you be added. Also contact Web enquiries if you wish to be removed from this list.

To view posts others have sent go to public folders in Outlook. It's under Work Folders\University Wide\New Corporate Web\Web Authors.

To send an email to this list simply look up UniSA-Web Authors in the global address list in Outlook.


Your lead web author

There are also 'lead' web authors for each division and unit who are on board to help out. We do not maintain a list of these people but you can get an idea of who they are by checking out the attendees of Web Author Group meeting minutes. We recommend that if you have a web authoring problem that your lead author be the first point of contact.



It might be just as easy to ask a colleague working near you who has web authoring skills.


Web enquiries

If you still haven't solved the problem or have a query that only the corporate web team can deal with such as set up of new sites, permissions etc, contact the team by emailing webenquiry@unisa.edu.au.


MDU and ISTS administrative units

Marketing and Development Unit (MDU) and Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS) will support and advise you in the construction of your website. Refer to the website conversion flowchart which explains the process.