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Training and support

UniSA use SharePoint Designer for authoring websites and offer training in its use, and in the use of the corporate web environment. If you have already completed the training and need support in the authoring websites on UniSA's corporate web server, see Web resources for useful links.


What's covered in the training?

Before using the templates and other corporate web authoring tools you will first need to undergo training. Depending on your preferred learning style, you can attend face-to-face training or use the online training videos. Contact the corporate web team for more information.

Training (both face-to-face and online videos) will cover the following topics

Once you have completed either face-to-face or online training, you will need to do the Skills assessment before you can be given authoring access to any website.

To ensure your skills are up-to-date, it is advisable for web authors to constantly refer to the content of this Web Authoring Guide which has comprehensive information on all aspects of web authoring.


Face-to-face training schedule

The training is run by professional trainers from Academy IT at City West in GK2-13 from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Comprehensive training manuals as well as morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Upcoming training sessions:

The course will not go ahead if less than 6 people are registered to attend. Any cancellations have to be made to Academy IT 48 hours prior to the training date, otherwise the course will be charged (a replacement person can be found by the canceller).

The cost of the training is:

To attend this training session fill in the online Corporate web training request form.

When registering to attend the training, the attendee will be required to provide an appropriate cost centre code to which the attendance fee will be charged.

Please note: you are not fully registered until you have received confirmation from Academy IT.  AcademyIT provides training for Corporate Web Author and UniSA Teamsites - Site Owner and End-User courses.


Accessibility workshops

The Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Access and Learning Support ran workshops for staff in 2003. These workshops enabled staff who are web authors to develop first level awareness of accessibility problems faced by people with vision and other impairments when they try to access web materials. Some resources from these workshops are available from Web accessibility.

Vision Australia provides fact sheets, brochures, papers, education materials, links to other sites and training courses.


Learning SharePoint Designer

If you would like to learn skills in using SharePoint Designer, Microsoft's website offers online SharePoint Designer training.