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Training videos

Training videos linked from this page have been created using a product called CaptureCAM by Cintinel.  The files are large (over 1 Mb) and require you to download and install a free player program on your computer. You can download the free player from the Cintinel website or this local version. (Note: you may need a local IT support person to install the files if you don't have administrator access to your computer.)

After you have downloaded and installed the player select one of the video links below and choose the open option to begin playing the video immediately. Each video runs for approximately 5 minutes. Instructions on using the player (e.g. moving to different locations within a movie, volume controls etc).

Transcripts are not available for these videos. However the information presented is the same as the information in the pages of this Web Authoring Guide. If you have any difficulty playing these videos send a request to webenquiry@unisa.edu.au.

  1. Overview of the corporate web  (video ccp 2.4 Mb)
  2. Corporate web templates (video ccp 1 Mb)
  3. Test website and accessing the templates (video ccp 1 Mb)
  4. Naming and file conventions (video ccp 1.7 Mb)
  5. Web page metadata and search engines (video ccp 2.9 Mb)
  6. Adding simple content (video ccp 3.5 Mb)
  7. Adding hyperlinks (video ccp 2.3 Mb)
  8. Adding tables (video ccp 2.8 Mb)
  9. Adding forms (video ccp 2.6 Mb)
  10. Using the menu editor tool (video ccp 2.7  Mb)
  11. Using the publishing tool (video ccp 2.0 Mb)