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Training videos

These videos are for our legacy www and www-p environments. All references to Frontpage 2003 are relevant to Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007.

Transcripts are not available for these videos. However the information presented is the same as the information in the pages of this Web Authoring Guide. If you have any difficulty playing these videos send a request to webenquiry@unisa.edu.au.

Each video runs for approximately 5 minutes. All videos can be watched in approximately 50 minutes.

  1. Overview of the corporate web  (2m 30s video mp4 3.7 Mb)
  2. Corporate web templates (1m 46s video mp4 2.3 Mb)
  3. Test website and accessing the templates (2m 3s video mp4 2.5 Mb)
  4. Naming and file conventions (3m 57s video mp4 5.9 Mb)
  5. Web page metadata and search engines (5m 5s video mp4 7.4 Mb)
  6. Adding simple content (5m 58s video mp4 8.6 Mb)
  7. Adding hyperlinks (4m 22s video mp4 6.4 Mb)
  8. Adding tables (5m 26s video mp4 8.2 Mb)
  9. Adding forms (6m 2s video mp4 8.5 Mb)
  10. Using the menu editor tool (7m 12s video mp4 8.9 Mb)
  11. Using the publishing tool (4m 24s video mp4 2.0 Mb)