Respect. Now. Always.

Urgent assistance

24/7 Phone Support

  • 1800 572 224

UniSA Support

External Support

  • Yarrow Place (Rape & Sexual Assault Service)
    1800 817 421
  • SHine SA (Sexual Health Education Agency)
    1300 794 584

Respect. Now. Always.

The University of South Australia is committed to a healthy, safe university culture that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our community of students and staff. This means we strive to ensure our campuses and learning environments are free from bullying, discrimination and sexual violence.

At UniSA we foster a respectful environment where we value our students and staff. We have a full suite of programs and services in place – from student and staff counselling as well as mental health and wellbeing programs.

Resources for UniSA students and staff: