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The Application process

Can I apply for a job via mail or fax?

The fastest and most efficient way to apply for a job is through this website using the online recruitment system. If you do not have Internet access at home, public libraries, schools and Internet cafes have Internet access that can be booked for use.

If you are unable to access a computer e.g. remote location, it may be possible to accept a posted or faxed application. Please contact the person nominated in the Position Description attachment.

How do I find out more about a job advertised online or in the press?

A link to the Position Description is available under the summary of each advertised vacancy which will provide more detail about the responsibilities of the role and the working environment. There is also a contact person.

What does the application and selection process involve?

Once the applications close, a selection panel will meet to determine the most suitable applicants for the next stage of the selection process (usually an interview). Some referees may be contacted for confirmation of information provided by the applicant. There may be a second interview before an offer is made. Candidates who have been unsuccessful will be notified as soon as possible after a decision is made.

Do I have to attach curriculum vitae when applying for a position?

Yes, your Curriculum Vitae (CV or résumé) is the best way for the panel to assess your previous work experience. You will also have the opportunity to upload other documents e.g. cover letter, transcripts, list of publications. Please be mindful of the file size for each document, as the limit is 3MB. It is a good idea to save the document in PDF format using Adobe.

What about Selection Criteria?

Not all positions request that you answer selection criteria. If it is a requirement, the questions appear in the application form. The word limit is usually specified and may vary for each vacancy.

Approach each criterion separately, and start each criterion with a broad overview of your relevant experience as it relates to that criterion. Then lead into your examples to provide proof of your suitability. It is advisable to give at least two examples per criterion.

Structure your examples in the format of a short report: context, specific examples, summary.

When you have completed the selection criteria, re-read each answer to ensure your examples are clear and that you have responded to all key points.

Your response to selection criteria should clearly demonstrate the process which underpins your achievements and provides proof of your suitability.

How do I apply online?

Select the vacancy you want to apply for. Click on the Start New Application link. If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to register and create a unique password. If you have registered from 30th April 2012 onward, use your email address and password to login to your candidate portal.

Instructions are provided throughout the online application process to assist you in completing the application successfully - so please read them carefully! Treat your application like a professional document. Ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct, and that you have used the correct punctuation where appropriate. For extended answers it is advisable to write them in Microsoft Word first and then cut and paste the answers into your online application when completed.

Do I have to complete my application in one sitting?

It is possible to complete your application in stages. Just remember to click “Save” before exiting, and have your email address and password handy when you wish to log on again to complete your application.

How do I attach multiple documents?

In the final step of the application form, you will have the option to upload other documents e.g. cover letter, transcripts, list of publications. There is a limit of 3MB for each document.

What if I have missed some information from the attachment e.g résumé, cover letter etc?

Save your updated file as a PDF document and upload it over the previously selected document. You can edit your application information and your personal details at any time prior to the position closing date.

Will I receive a response to my application?

You will receive an immediate automated email response to your registration and another for your completed application. Keep checking your emails for further contact about the progress of your application.

What format do interviews at UniSA take?

Depending on the position type and level, the interview format will vary. For instance, a senior academic or professional position may require a presentation as part of the interview process whilst interviews for a finance officer position may include a numerical skills test. You will be advised of the format prior to the interview. This will also affect the length of time allowed for the interview.

Does UniSA check references?

Reference checking is an important part of our selection process. It allows the panel to confirm information you have provided in your CV or at interview with your nominated referees.

Who will see my application – is it confidential?

Your application is confidential to the selection panel relevant to the position for which you have applied.

Will I be expected to travel?

If the position requires travel outside of Adelaide as part of the job, it will be stated in the Position Description.

If I’m successful, which campus will I be working at?

The Position Description will state where the position is located, but all University appointments are to the University not specifically to a campus.

I have been offered a position; will I receive any training before I start?

Your first day of work will commence with a local induction program. This will be supplemented by Corporate Induction soon after. Any other training identified and documented in your performance and development plan will be provided after you commence.