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Staff Insights

Our academics and professionals are already experiencing the UniSA difference. But donít take it from us. Find out what our people have to say about life at the University. 


Iíve worked for UniSA since 1989. My background is in nursing Ė I used to work as a nurse educator at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. After upgrading my skills, I wanted to be part of an innovative teaching environment outside of a hospital setting. This was one of the main attractions to joining UniSA Ė it offered exposure to different ways of learning in a more stimulating way. More >

 Carol Grech, Professor, Head of School Nursing and Midwifery, Division Health Sciences with UniSA since 1989



After working as a police musician for 13 years I moved to Western Australia to teach at the Academy of Performing Arts. UniSAís Arts Management program is the oldest and most prestigious in Australia; and with the Adelaide Fringe Festival and a range of other international events in the city, my decision to join was made easy for me. More >

Dr Stephen Boyle, Academic Director, UniSA College with UniSA since 2000



I moved from the University of Melbourne to UniSA two years ago, attracted to its research focussed culture. Iím really passionate about research, but at other universities I had to teach administration as well. UniSA has capitalised on my strengths to achieve its initiatives, while allowing me to pursue my passion.  More >

Carol Kulik Research Professor, Human Resource Management with UniSA since 2006



UniSA cares about its people. In my work area, HRís wellness initiative supplies fresh fruit and runs various health related seminars, as well as offering free massage every fortnight. I play basketball on a Friday afternoon, but you can take your pick from badminton, circuit training, even karate! UniSA doesnít just recognise the importance of learning, but the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.  More >

Scott Gage, Information Technologist with UniSA since 2006



It was the broadness of the role at UniSA that really appealed to me; I realised it was much more than just a finance role. The people I spoke to were all really interesting and there seemed to plenty of opportunity and challenge.  More >

Jeremy Sloan, Divisional Director, Finance & Resources (Division Education Arts & Social Sciences) with UniSA since 2005



While working as a researcher in the UK, I attended a conference in Tuscany. It was here I met John Ralston, one of the big names in the research industry and a UniSA employee. When I heard about the research he was involved in with UniSA I didnít think twice about making the move to Australia to work alongside him. More >

David Beattie, Associate Research Professor, Ian Wark Research Institute with UniSA since 2000